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air freight

Awell Logistics' global presence allows us to handle shipments of any size on a door-to-door basis to most major international points. We have in place contracts and blocked space agreements with various global carriers, which allows for optimum routing at competitive prices. This gives you a tremendous advantage when you need to bring a product to market quickly or have freight that is extremely time sensitive, oversized or requires other special handling. Awell Logistics also offers a comprehensive Customs House Brokerage service, and has expertise in managing all import documentation requirements.

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Trucking Co. covers all over the globe plus numerous logistic partner companies from different areas of supply chain.

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Your benefits

  • Significantly reduces shipping time
  • Conducive for greater inventory control for just in time manufacturing
  • Helpful for greater inventory control for stocking
  • Lower shipping costs (for certain commodities)

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    Textile Logistics

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